Transitional Kindergarten Class

Transitional Kindergarten is a wonderful program for children who have completed a 4 year old Pre-K program and might benefit from the gift of another year to develop physically, emotionally, socially, or academically. We believe that by offering a nurturing, stress free environment in which these children can be challenged, they will gain a solid sense of self, confidence, inner motivation, problem solving, self-direction and further their excitement for the learning process.

Our Transitional class experiences the same calendar curriculum units, parental involvement, and commitments as our Pre-K classes, but the curriculum is expanded and taken to the next level, often resulting in more emergent learning.  Transitional-K offers a developmentally appropriate activity based program targeting social skills, enhancing vocabulary, spelling and writing skills, phonics, print awareness, reading comprehension graphing, counting, classifying, sorting, comparing, sequencing and enhanced social interactions.  Like our Pre-K programs this is a 5 day a week program, but is an hour longer than the Pre-K day.