Parent Participation Programs

Our parent participation programs provide fun-filled mornings where children have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of experiences, build relationships and explore the world around them.

Led by one of our wonderful teachers, adult participants are able to connect with other parents, caregivers and grandparents as they work side by side with the children in a nurturing environment. Lifelong friendships for both the children and adults form in these programs as these small souls grow in an interactive setting preparing them for the world beyond.

Parent participation programs include:

Bagels and Babies for parents of newish little souls

  • this program is free and open to new moms and dads. Join us, have a bagel, we even have gluten free, while you spend some time with other adults and their babies.

Family and Me for crawlers and walkers

  • There’s, music and singing, stories on felt boards, painting, playdough and slime. It’s a chance to explore our senses in this morning of fun and friendship.

Gozalim (wheels)- Our early childhood education transitional class

  • If you want to explore school with your child, or you are worried about separation, yours and theirs- this is the program for you. The first half of the year the class is one day a week for two hours. After everyone has adjusted to the wonderful environment and their teachers, the training “wheels” come off and the children begin the second half of the year on their own for two days a week.

*Children enrolled in Gozalim must be 18 months old by January 1st of the second half of the program